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Question 2 (8 marks) An insulated kPa. and 27 C. At this state, the piston is resting on a pair of stops, as shown in the figure, and the enclosed volume is 0.3m2. The mass of the piston is adjusted such that a pressure of 400 kPa is required to move it. Now an electric heater within the device is turned on and is allowed to pass a current of 2-A from a 220-V source until the final volume reached 0.5m2 Determine: piston-cylinder device contains nitrogen gas initially at 200 2.1 The mass and final temperature of the Nitrogen (2 marks) 2.2 Draw the P-V diagram and calculate the total work done by the 2.3 The time taken by the heater during this process....4 marks) (For Nitrogen R-0.2968 kJ/kg.K Page 1/2

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