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tion rate over the past year and the unemploy ment rate for the most recent month. How do you interpret these data? wh pay Tim $60 $75 futu act 2. A farmer grows a bushel of wheat and sells it to a miller for $1. The miller turns the wheat into flour and then sells the flour to a baker for $3. The baker uses the flour to make bread and sells the bread to an engineer for $6. The engineer eats the bread. What is the value added by each person? What is the breads contribution to GDP? uppose a woman marries her butler. After they are married, her husband continues to wait on her as before, and she continues to support him as before (but as a husband rather than as an employee). How does the marriage affect GDP? How do you think it should affect GDP? C. e. f. C g. P h. D 4. Place each of the following transactions in one of the four components of expenditure: consumption, investment, government purchases, and net exports. 7.L a. Boeing sells an airplane to the U.S. Air Force b. Boeing sells an airplane to American Airlines. ro burg differ c. Boeing sells an airplane to Air France d. Boeing sells an airplane to Amelia Earhart e. Boeing builds an airplane to be sold next year.Good 5. Find data on GDP and its components, and Hot dog compute the percentage of GDP for the tollow- ing components for 1950, 1980. and the most recent year available Hambur Question 2 and 4
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