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Question 2 Consider countries A and B, each with a population of cight individuals and an income per capita equal to S5 USD dollars (PPP) per day. Tables 1 and 2 provide the information on income for each individual in country A and B, respectively. The poverty line is z-S5 USD Dollars (PPP) per day. Your job is to calculate and report the different FGT poverty indexes for each country remembering that: To do so, complete the following steps. a). First, complete Tables 1 and 2. (Use two decimal spaces in your calculations) Table 1 Table 2 ntry Person # y Poor Poor ( Poor so y oor oor (I if household(zy)(z-y) (1 if household(z-y)(z-y* is poor, 0 (only if(only if otherwise)* is poor, 0(only if(only if otherwise)* Total40 0 b). Second, compute the different FGT measures for each country and report them in the table below. (Report the measures as percentages and round to the nearest integer). Final answers Country A Country B FGT

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