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Question: question 2 for fluid flow in pipes friction is described...

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Question 2 For fluid flow in pipes, friction is described by a dimensionless number, the Fanning friction factor, f. The Fanning friction factor is dependent on a number of parameters related to the size of the pipe and the fluid, which can all be represented by another dimensionless quantity, the Reynolds number, Re. A formula that predicts f given Re is the von Karman equation: 4log10 (Ref) 0.4 Typical values for the Reynolds number for turbulent flow are 10,000 to 500,000 and for the Fanning friction factor are 0.001 to 0.01 Use fixed point iteration to solve for fif Re-250,000. Employ an ,-196. Calculate values to five decimal places. Plot the function to identify a suitable starting point and summarize your iterations in the form of a table of calculated values. Show details of your work for the first three calculations. MATLAB or Excel may be used to calculate the values for the table and create your plot.
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