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Question #2 please!!!

HW2 CBE 253 Spring 2019 (due 1/29/2019 8:00 am) Reduced quantities are often used in thermodynamics: reduced temperature T, reduced pressure =ー, and reduced volume V, =-, where TcR, and V, are the corresponding quantities at the critical point. The van der Waals equation of state can be expressed in terms of the reduced quantities as P, + , (31,-1)-87; where V, 2 1. Write a script file HW2_1 YourlastName.m that (1) generates an array for V, in the range of 0.334 SV, s3, (2) generates two arrays for P when T, -0.85 and T-1 by defining a function for P and (3) makes the plots of P, (y-axis) versus V, (x-axis) for T 0.85 and T,-1 in a graph. Add axis titles and legends. The range of P and V, in the graph should be 0S P,S2.5 and OsV, S 3. The colors for the plots of T,-0.85 and T 1 are red and blue, respectively. 2. Do the same as Problem 1 except that a function file is created to define the function for P Accordingly, two m-files should be created, one for a function file and the other for a script file. In the function file HW2_2_YourlastName.m, the input variables are V, and T, and the output variable is P. The script file HW2_3_YourlastName.m (1) generates an array for V,, (2) generates two arrays for P using HW2_2_YourLastName.m, and (3) makes the plots
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