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Question 2 please. I need help
CHAPTER 2 Plate Tectonics: A Scientific Revolution Unfoids (2 9 continued . GPS satellites can be used to accurately easure 2.8 Testing the Plate Tectonics Model List and explain the evidence used to support the plate tectonics theony.receivers to wthin a few miimeters. These plume, hot spot, hot-spot track, Curie point, paleomag- inferences macle Eroem seafloor observations magnetismi, magnetic reversal, normal polarity, neverse polarity.at about the same rate human fingernails gow aboE 2 inches) per year Multiple lnes of evidece have verified the plate tectonics mode Por instance, the Derp Ses Drilling Project found that the age of the a2.10 What Drives Plate Motions? Describe plate-mantle covection and explain two of the primary driving forces of plate motion the of sediment atop this seafloor is als ndge Okder lithosphere has hal soe tiime to accumalabe sediment . A hot sqpot is an area of vwoleanie activity where a manele plume s KEY TERMS: convection, siab puil, idge ush kind of comection (upward movement of less dense material and Earths surface,Volcanke oxcks generabed by hot-spot volcanism evidence of Iboth the direction and rate of plate movement over time Magnetic minerals such as aetite manetie field as rock forns These fonal wagnets are records of the ancient orintation of Earths magnetic fielkl. This is usful to grologists in two wans: (1) It allows a ghem stack of rock layers to be ir tenns of their oentation relatihe to the magnetk poles through time, asd (2) versals in the orkentation of the magnetic field are preserved as stripes of sormal and nvened plarity in the oceanic erst Magnetometers reveal this signature of seafloor spreading as a symetrical pattern of magnetie strips paralilel to the axis of the mid-ocean ridge dowwward movement of more dense material) appears to debe the themselves with Earths e Slabs ofoceanic lithosphere sink at subduction zs ublucted slah is denser than the underlying ast process, rest of the plate toward the sbduction none. As oceanic slides down the mid-ocean ridge, it euerts a small additional foree. called ridge pash called slab pull, Earths gamity tugs at the slab, drawing the may occur throughout the entire mantle, as in two layers within the mantle whole-mantle moxdkel. Or it may occur the active upper mantle and the sluggish kower mantle-as peuposed in the layer cake model 2.9 How Is Plate Motion Measured? ? Compare av lmp. and contrast mantle convection with the operation of a two methods researchers use to measure relative plate motion . Data collected from the oeean floor has established the direction and rate of motion of lithospheric plates. Transform faults point in the direction the plate is moving to calibrate the rate of motion dates for seafloor rocks helps GIVE IT SOME THOUGHT 1 Refer to Section 1.3, tieled The Nature of Scientific Inquiry, to asswer the followsing a. What obsernvations led Alfred Wegener to develop his cootinental drif hypothesis? h. Why did most of the sientific community rejet t s. Do you think Wegener followed the bassc priuciples of sclentific i the continental drift h Support your answer ing diagrams ilhustrating the three types of comvergent plate boandaries and complete the following a. Identify each type of coovergent boundary b. On what type of crust do volcanic island ares develop? e. Why are volcanoes langely absent where two continental blocks collide? d. convergent boundaries are different from oceansc-continental boundaries. How are they similar? 3 Some people predict that Calformia will sink into the ocean. Is this idea consistent with the theory of plate tectonics? Explain Volcanic islands that form over masntle plumes, such as the Hawralian chain, are lkome to some of Earths largest volcanoes However volcanoes on Mars are gigantic compared to any on Earth. What does this dafference tell us about the role of plate motion in shuping the Martian urface?
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