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Question: question 2 research the website of the wellknown public company...

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Question 2

Research the website of the well-known public company Wesfarmers Ltd to answer the following questions:

a)    The company website has a link to the “Investor Centre” which contains considerable information for its members about their investments. This includes details of company meetings as well as information relating to its dividend policy.


Answer the following questions regarding the Wesfarmers Ltd Investor Centre:


(i)             Identify the names of the persons who delivered the chairman’s address and the Managing Director’s address at this meeting.

Question 4


Please answer the following questions regarding members’ rights:


a)    Kate is very unhappy that a particular resolution has been passed at a recent general meeting of L.P Pty Ltd. She says that she did not receive a Notice of the Meeting and therefore did not attend so as to be in a position to vote on it. 


Is there anything that Kate could do about this situation? Please quote legislative references in support of your response. 

b)    What “disclosure” actions are required of directors of:

(i) Public companies

(ii) Proprietary companies



in any related party transaction? 

Question 5


a)    A public company is able to issue a prospectus whereby it can seek funds from the members of the public who subscribe for shares in that company. Identify three matters which must be disclosed to the public in any prospectus. Quote legislative references in support of your response.


b)    Comment on the following statements:


(ii)              In relation to public fundraising, identify the circumstances in which ASIC may issue a stop order & what might be at least two (2) consequences of a company’s failure to comply with such an order.


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