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QUESTION 21 A declarative DML is also known as SQL A non-procedural DML An automatic DML A direct DML QUESTION 23 Consistency constraints may be specified with the: DDL DML QUESTION 24 A query language is part of a: DDL DML QUESTION 25 A condition that a database must always satisfy is An assertion An entity An object QUESTION 26 The output of the DDL ts placed in the data dictionary, which contains(data about data). Definitions Metadata Queries QUESTION 28 The mannine of the hich-level concentual srhema to the imnlementation data model occurs durine which nh Print Layout View Sec 1 Pages: 1 of 3 Words: 0 of 307 23
Paragra ph AaBbCcDdE Normal OText Box 5 21 QUESTION 28 The mapping of the high-level comceptual schema to the implementation data model occurs during which phase of the design process? Physical design phase Specification of functional requirements Logical desiga phase Conceptual design phase QUESTION 29 Application programs that interact with a database are written in languages such as DDLs SQL DMLA QUESTION 30 The goal of is to generate a set of relation schemas that allow storing of inform ation without unnecessary redundancy, but also alow ease of isformation QUESTION 31 The functional components of a databsse system can be d ivided in to the folewing composents (SELECT Two) Query Manager Query Processo Storage Precessor Storage Manager -- _ Prist Layout View Sec 1 Pages: 1012-words: 00f 227 110%
AaBbCcDdE QUESTION 32 The data dictionary is part of the Query Processor Query Manager Storage Manager Storage Processor QUESTION 33 A transaction is a collection of operations that performs multiple logical lunction in a database application True or false QUESTION 34 A transaction must happen in itsentirety or not at all. True or false QUESTION 35 With this type of architecture, the application resides at the client machine, where it invokes database system functionality at the server a-tiered Three-tiered Two-tiered QUESTION 36 Data Exploration Data Mining Data Trolling QUESTION 37 It is not necessary to consider naive users when designing a user interface True or false înt Layout View | Sec 11 Pages: 1of1 words: 1000f її8 | LJ 23
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