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The following parameters were measured in a trained athlete and a sedentary university administrator, at rest and during a bout of exercise: Trained Cardiac output Lumin) Heart Rate(bpm) stroke volume(mls Athlete Rest 5.0 116 Exercise University President 600 Rest 180 7.2 Exercise A) Fill in the blanks stroke volume in the administrator didnt B) Give a possible explanation as to why athlete. change in the same way with exercise as it did in the trained 4. The wall thickness of an essentially spherical left ventricle can be considered constant at 1.5 cm throughout the cardiac cycle. Measured transmural pressures are as follows: 19 mm Hg as the AV valve opens, 24 mm Hg as the AV valve closes, 71 mm Hg as the semilunar valve opens, 80 mm Hg as the semilunar valve closes, and maximally, 99 mm Hg when 80% of the stroke volume has been ejected. Suppose that the ventricular end diastolic volume (EDV) is 362 mls and the cardiac output is 4.9 Umin at a heart rate of 75 bpm. CO HR SV B) The left ventricular preload in mm Hg (Hint preload is the same as wall stress, which can be calculated using LaPlaces Law. Radius of ventricle 4 cm). Question 3 and 4 please!
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