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M Jan Du (MTH420 1: Models in Ap × D hwl.pdf ← → С ⓘNot securelmy.fit.edu/-jdu/homeworks-4201/hw1.pdf : Apps MI FIT Email e PAWS Google Docs . Canvas a Amazon eZookal Yahoo Mail @ Find My Mobile-Se. Dintro to Analysis DTaskstream。Chase Question1. (20 points) Consider a discrete-tim mdel of the concentration of medication in the bloodstream, Mt, Mt+1 = Mt-f(M,)M, + S, where f(M) is the fraction absorbed and s is the daily dosage. Suppose that /(M) = RNAM . Here n is a real model parameter. Set K = 2 and -1. Show that the equilibrium level is M*2 for any value of n. For which values of n will solutions oscillate toward the equilibrium? Are there any values of n for which the equilibrium is unstable? Question2. (20 points) Suppose for a discrete dynamical system, the recurrence relation is 62(n)-x(n-1)-2(n-2-0, with r(0) = 0, 2(1) = 용 (a) Write down the characteristic equation for the system and compute the eigenvalues. (b) Compute the closed-form solution for the system (x(n)- f (n). And use the formula to determine the long term behavior of the system. Question3. (20 points) Find all steady state solutions for following discrete models, and make the judgment about the stability of the solutions. (a) (n) Find the steady state solution(s) analytically and use the fixed point theorem for the stability analysis. (b) z(n) - log(x(n - Find the steady state solution(s) graphically (using a computer generated plot to get at least 4-digit of accuracy). Use the fixed point theorem for the stability analysis, and use the cobweb method to confirm your conclusion. Question4. (20 points) Use the method described in the class to find the eigenvalues for an N-by-N matrix with 1 on the main diagonal, and 2 on the super/sub-diagonals. 4:27 PM Type here to search 1/21/2019Question 3 please! (all parts)

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