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Question 3 plz

Prove or disprove each of statements 1-4 below the definitions DEFINITIONS A. Let 72 defines a metric on 10. B. Let Oo an - b defines a metric on 11 C. Let : an E R, defines a metric on 12 1. Let {Ís} be functions such that f. : N → R+ for each n. If n= 1 k=1 then 2. f e If (k)l 1/k Vky is compact in l 3. {f e loo . Γ(k)| 〈 1/k vk} is compact in loo 4. If A, B are subsets of C with A compact, then there exists a point a E A such that: for all r E A and y E B, there exists be B such that la -b S r-y

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