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Question: question 3 the antibiotic ach2303 inhibits the growth bacteria however...

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Question 3: The antibiotic ACH2303 inhibits the growth bacteria. However, studies show that ACH2303 does not inhibit the growth of bacteria having a gram-positive or a gram-negatuve type. Which bacteria are sensitive to ACH2303? cell wall Question 4: You have used a can of food to prepare a dish for a party. Although you have cooked the food for 3 hours at 1000c, 10 of 15 party guests will become gravely ill the next day Explain what has happened. Question 5. Briefly explain, why Helminths are included as Microbes in your Microbiology book
Question 9: High sugar or salt concentrations are used to preserve foods. Explain how hig sugar concentrations preserve food. h salt and Question 10: The antibiotic pentelli kills gram-positive nut not gram-negative bacteria. Explain observation.
Question 6: Name one characteristic that allows allows you to demonstrate that a. an Archaea is not a bacterium: b. a eukaryotic cell is not a prokaryotic cell c. a fungus is not a bacterium: d. an helminth is not an archaea: e. an Archaea is not eukaryotic: f. A fungus is not an Archaea: Question 7: Endos this phenomenon pores of gram-positive bacteria are resistant to heat and many chemicals. Explain Question 8: Following a bioterrorist anthrax attack, someone suggested that all people should steam their mail for 30 seconds. Would this technique protect people from anthrax infection? Why or wh not?
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