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Question 4 (1 point) The southern hemisphere recieves the largest amounts of solar radiation on the solstice of June 21st O True O False
Question 5 (1 point) Which two methods of heat transfer contribute the most to thunderstorm development? Advection Conduction □ Convection Latent Heat Release Radiation
Question 6 (1 point) One day in class you pick up a marker from the metal rim and note that the marker feels warmer than the whiteboards rim. Why does this occur even though both are at room temperature? Metal is a better conductor than plastic. Your body heat gets drawn away much more quickly through the metal The marker acts as a poor insulator, thus making you feel warmer relative to the metal. The metal is connected to the outside through walls and windows and is therefore actually colder Your hand causes the ink to evaoprate and so the latent heat released causes the marker to feel warmer than the metal whiteboard.
Question 7 (1 point) The average high temperatures in January for Madison and Milwaukee are 26 and 28 degrees Fahrenheit respectively. In summer they are 83 and 80 degrees. The reason Milwaukee is a little cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter is most likely due to The difference in latitude and longitude. They receive quite different amounts of radiation during those times of the year Lake Michigan acts as to help reduce the seasonal extremes because Milwaukee is closer to the lake. OThey have very different elevations. The effects observed are skewed because Madison has a higher elevation. n The sun moves more directly over Madison in the summer and more over Milwaukee in the winter, thus causing the changes in which is warmer. Save
Question 9 (1 point) Which of the following cities is likely to recieve the most solar radiation during the winter solstice on December 21st Milwaukee, WI United States O Mexico City,Mexico Palmas, Brazil Ascuncion, Paraguay Save
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