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reactions of reactions (o) the the kinematic th For each these the threshold energy of the triton for the reaction, old energy of the triton energy of the products. Summarize your calcu- minimum kinetic lations in a table. The compound nucleus 15N can be formed in many ways. Shown below are production paths and some of the ways 15 decays. Calculate the threshold condition for each reaction and the minimum kinetic energy of the products. 14 in 15 1 14 Ct 11 He 15 H 12 C. 1H 11B+ 4He 15 13 H 12C 3H. H 13C 15N N tn 5. Start with Eq. (6.17) and derive Eq. (6.15) erify the values reported in the table of Example 6.1.

question 4

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