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Question 4 (a) List six main constitutes in plain carbon steels. 3 Marks (b) Plain carbon steels are typically classified into low, medium and high carbon steels Their properties vary considerably depending upon the carbon content. Briefly discuss the effects of an increase in carbon content on the properties and performances of plain carbon steels [4 Marks] (c) when carbon steel with @utectoid composition (0.76 wt % C) cools below 727 C the eutectoid transformation takes place. Define the eutectoid reaction and write the carbon steel eutectoid reaction equation. 2 Marks (d) Compare and contrast the hypo-eutectoid and hyper-eutectold carbon steels in tems of their carbon compositions, microstructures and performances Copy Table Q4 in your answer book and write your answer in it Table 04 Carbon Steels Hypo-eutectoid carbon steels Hyper-eutectoid carbon steels 2017-18 Page 7 of 8 3 Marks] (e) The properties of carbon steels can be altered by heat treatment Compare and contrast 3 Marks] (a) Welding is also known as pemmanent joining process. Discuss the main advantages of between annealing and quenching techniques for plain carbon steels Question S: welding in assembly operations in comparison to mechanical fastening. Also suggest 5 Marks] (b) Describe the importance of heat input (HI) in manual metal arc welding (MMAW) some drawbacks of welding. process. Highlight the achieving high quality welding joints. between the cooling rate and Hl towards 5 Marks] Two pieces of a mild steel specimen will be welded together using MMAW technique. (c) The welding voltage used is 50 V, the current used is 100 A while the welding speed applied is 140 mm/min. Calculate the heat input (HI). 5 Marks] (d) Critically discuss the influencing factors towards creation of heat afffected zone (HAZ) Suggest how the HAZ can be minimised in different weldments 5 Marks] Formula for Question 5 is as follows. 60VI 1000S
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