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Question: question 4 please i need answer typed please...

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Question #4 please
I need answer typed please

T-Mobile LTE 9:13 PM 슬 moodle.mcny.edu Graph the new demand curve 4. The supply curve is given by Qs =-200 + 20px-5P + 0.5Pr where Qs quantity supplied of good X Px price of good X Pr- price of inputs to good X a. Based on the supply curve above, what is the b. What is the equation of the supply curve if input c. Graph the supply curve that you found in (b), d. What is the minimum price at which the firm Pz price of good Z relationship between good X and good Z? prices are $10 and the price of Z is $20? showing intercepts and slope will supply any of good X at all? e. If the price of good X is $25, what is the quantity supplied? Show this point on your supply curve f. Now suppose the price of inputs falls to $5. Graph the new supply curve.
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