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Question 5. ABC Manufacturing is also concerned about the quality of its manufacturing processes. One of the products the company sells is a bottle of liquid lubricant associated with the pump product line. ABC's president is familiar with the operations management concept of control limits (determining an upper and lower numerical threshold such that a process is considered in control as long as it stays within those limits).
The president has asked you to take samples of the amount of liquid in those bottles and determine the upper control limit (UCL) and lower control limit (LCL) of three standard deviations. He told you that, based on previous testing, the standard deviation (SD) for this process is 0.035. You took sample measurements of the volume of liquid in the bottles, done at different times of the day (in case that somehow impacted the volume), and this produced the data in the Sample Measurements Table below:

•Analyze this operations management issue.
•Provide the algebraic equation for the UCL and for the LCL (using UCL, LCL, M, and SD as variables).
•Calculate and provide the numerical ULC and LCL values.

Sample Measurements Table Volume of Liquid in Bottles of Lubricant (in Ounces) Time 8:00am 30.03 9:00am 30.04 10:00am 29.98 11:00am 30.01 12:00pm 30.00 1:00pm 29.97 2:00pm 30.08 3:00pm 29.98 4:00pm 29.99 5:00pm 29.98 Mean (M) 30.006
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