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Question: question 5 mr george mcfarlane is a 53year old male...

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Question 5:  Mr George McFarlane is a 53year old Male. He has presented to hospital yesterday after he fell while getting out of his truck. The X-ray on admission showed that George has sustained a compound fracture of his right ankle, which required an open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) to repair. Surgery was completed this morning and George has returned to the ward from the Operating theatres 2 hours ago. George’s past Medical History (PMHx) include:

      •        Type ll Diabetes needing close management. Records BGL daily

      •        Osteoarthritis in L) Knee

      •        Allergy to Penicillin

Mr McFarlane is 118kg and 180cm in height. Current vital signs Resp 26, O2 Sats 97% on  room air (RA), BP 170/90, HR 110, Temp 37. 


Question 5

George is for strict rest in bed after his surgery. Outline three (3) ways you could encourage George to remain as independent as possible while attending to his activities of daily living (ADLs)










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