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Question 10 -  Meanwhile, Liam, who has been identified as a high risk suicide patient and diagnosed with depression is an inpatient in your ward. You have come on shift and Liam is pacing backwards and forwards, holding his head and muttering to himself. He is glancing around and eyeing everyone nervously. You know Liam has been violent towards other people before. The ward is also noisy as it’s about handover time. Liam starts to pick up a chair.


   a)     In 100-125 words, identify and explain one (1) strategy you would use as an Enrolled nurse to manage this challenging behaviour. In your response, you are to consider the triggers and how you would deflect them.  Also, address the listening and observation skills you would need to apply to ensure effective communication.


    b)     Identify three (3) different health professionals you could seek expert assistance from in managing this situation. Think about who you might call to help you manage this situation immediately, who might be on premises, or have specialised knowledge that would help.

SATISFACTORY TIP for Question 10:

This question requires you to provide a information in your response; a strategy to manage challenging behaviour, the things that might trigger negative reactions and how you could avoid or overcome them, and the listening and observation skills you should apply.

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