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Question 6 1 pts An iPhone turned off all of a sudden. After charging the device, it began working, again. Which statement correctly describes the situation from the perspective of the scientific method? none of these are correct o This is consistent with the hypothesis that a dead battery caused thet iPhone to turn off O This proves that a dead battery was the reason the iPhone stopped working O This substantiates the theory that all phones require functional batteries.
Question 8 1 pts A draft of the first human genome sequence (all 3.2 billion base pairs of DNA) was first finished in 2001, at a cost of several billion dollars. This was an example of OA negative control Discovery-driven science Hypothesis testing science Theory-driven science O
Which of the following statements best distinguishes hypotheses from theories in science? O A hypothesis is a prediction based on a question, a theory is the answer to the question 0 Theories are proved true:hypotheses are often contradicted by experimental results O Theories are hypotheses that have been proved O Hypotheses are often narrow in scope; theories have broad explanatory power O Hypotheses are guesses; theories are correct answers
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