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Question: question 6 15 markslength is determined by mark value of...

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Question 6 (15 marks)

[Length is determined by mark value of question 1 mark = 1-2 lines; 2 marks = 2-4 lines; 3 marks = 3-6 lines etc.]  

a)      Define homoioi:                                                                                             1 mark

b)      Identify the composition of the Assembly AND two of its functions:          3 marks

c)      Name three functions of the Gerousia:                                                       3 marks

d)      Identify three significant responsibilities of the Spartan kings:                   3 marks

e)      Why is the treatment of Sparta’s helot population a contentious issue amongst historians?   5 marks

Question 7 (10 marks)

[Length of response 15 – 20 lines or 200 words +/- 10%]

With reference to the quote below from Herodotus, Histories, AND other sources you have studied, discuss the main features of Spartan religion.

Hither to my rich temple have you come, Lycurgus,

Dear to Zeus and to all the gods that dwell in Olympus,

I know not whether to declare you human or divine-- 

Yet I incline to believe, Lycurgus, that you are a god.    

   Herodotus, Histories, 1.66

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