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QUESTION 7 1 points Save Answer Marketers are very interested in demographics, since the demographic situation changes very rapidy and the marketer has to keep up with these changes these vwill tell the marketer everything about the values and Iifestyle of a consumer these will tell the marketer exactly what products it needs to make these will influence the strengths and weaknesses of a company basic characteristics such as age and gender often predict purchasing behavior QUESTION 1 points Save Answer Of the following which marketing objective is the most uselul for the launch of a new craft beer in the US Gain 50% of the total beer market in the irst year To reach a sales volume of s 2 million dollars, at retail valu, in fcal year 2019 To gain popuiarity in major US cities in year one to become the no. 1 craft beer in the Chicago market to be featured in popular bars in major cities QUESTION t points Marketers need to study social values since these are important to consumers and influence consumer decision-making ince values will tell marketers how consumers feel about particular brands since these change very rapidy since these would be included in the strenghsweaknesses section of a Swot analysis ince values desoibe what consumers do
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