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seven-layer model? (Select twa.) A. Cables B. Hub C. Network protocol D. Session software the data 13. Which components work at Layer I of the os La a. Which layer of the 0Sl model makes sure ls in a readable format for the Application layer A. Application layer B. Presentation layer Ex do C. Session layer D. Transport layer 9. At which layer of the TCP/1P model are UDP 14. Andalyn says complete 48-bit MAC ed to NIC manufacturers from the IEEE allocat Buster says to manufacturers. Carlos says the IEEE assigns only the last 24 bits to manufacturers. Who is correct? datagrams created? the IEEE only assigns the first 24 bi A. Link/Network Interface B. Internet С. Transport A. Only Andalyn is correct. B. Only Buster is correct D. Application 10. Which protocol creates the final IP packet? A. NIC C. Only Carlos is correct D. No one is correct. B. IP C. TCP 15. If a sending system does not know the MAC address of the intended recipient system, it sends a broadcast frame with what MAC address? A. D. UDP 11. Which TCP/IP layer includes Layers 5-7 from the OSI seven-layer model? A. Application layer B. Transport layer C. Internet layer D. Link layer What component of Layer 2 of the OSI seven-layer model creates and addresses the frame? A. MAC sublayer B. uc sublayer 12. C. CRC sublayer D. Data Link sublayer Essay Quiz I. Some new techs at your office are confused by 2. Your boss has received a set of files ws ever he differences between a NICs frame and an IP extension.wp and is worried because he Question 8-12
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