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Question 9 0.09 pts Which element does a plant NOT obtain from the atmosphere? Carbon Argon Nitrogen Oxygen Hydrogen Question 10 0.09 pts Never carry fertilizer in your luggage because Bomb detectors are designed to detect fertilizer Fertilizer will stain your clothes. Fertilizer stinks. Only country bumkins would carry fertilizer Many places charge high tariffs on fertilizer Question 11 0.09 pts The major processes that generate nitrogen for plant use are (select all that apply: Denitrification of nitrogen compounds into nitrogen gas. Nitrogen fixation of nitrogen gas into ammonia. Mineralization, the breakdown of organic nitrogen into ammonium or nitrate. n Immobilization into soil microbes Volatilization of ammonia into the atmosphere. Question 12 0.09 pts In C3 plants, leaf nitrogen decreases under elevated CO2. Which TWO of the following explain this? Plants grow faster so nitrogen is spread more thinly in their tissues. Nitrogen concentrates in the shoot leaving the rest of the plant with less nitrogen. The nitrogen cycle slows down because CO2 molecules get in the way. Photorespiration is inhibited by elevated CO2. nSoil microorganisms grow faster and use up more nitrogen.

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