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3. The following figure shows the standard Ramachandran plot for an alanine dipeptide: a) region (left side of the plot φ < 0 around ψ ~ 012 Use a figure to demonstrate the relative torsion angles. What are the characteristics of residues in the bridge CH c, CHy b) Imagine that the favorable energetic contributions of hydrogen bonding are now considered when formulating Ramachandran plots. Compared to other sterically-allowed conformations, lack of hydrogen bonding results in an unfavorable energy change of~5 kcal/mol. Why may this result in depletion of the bridge region? c) In experimental analysis of peptides, this region is greatly unpopulated in unfolded peptides relative to folded peptides. Why? (Hint: Consider the effect of a hydrogen-bonding -Jt requirement for Ramachandran plot population in part (b).)
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