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Question: Based on the table provided below estimate the HR supply for each of the position by developing a Markov analysis matrix. Please consider the probabilities of promotions and retirement probabilities in your calculations. Canadian Pacific and International Bank (CPIB) is a premier Canadian financial institution with assets over $150 billion and operations across Canada and in 33 countries. Today, it is over 25,000 employees provide personal, commercial, corporate and investment banking services to individuals and businesses around the world. The bank has several call centres which offer exceptional customer service providing expert advice on banking products and services. Currently, their inbound call center in Halifax, N.S. is in the process of conducting an HR planning exercise. They have estimated employee movements throughout the organization and have mapped this information onto the following Markov matrix:


In addition, the HR department suggests that three percent of the workforce this year will be retiring next year. These departures are expected to be experienced proportionately at all levels in the organization. These are not included in the exit estimates. This year, the call center had 5,200,000 clients. Due to a new project, the call center expects an additional 1,500,000 clients in the next year. No changes are anticipated in the distribution of the workforce between now and the end of the year.

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