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Question F-2)- A typical section of a solar collector plate of thickness t between a pair of copper tubes is shown below. The collector plate receives solar radiation at a uniform rate of q. The temperature of the pipes at the point of contact to the collector maintains constant at To. The bottom surface is well insulated. The collector is also exposed to a moving air at a free stream temperature of Towith a convective heat transfer coefficient of h. Neglect any heat transfer in the direction perpendicular to the paper. AIR 95 rad 0 0 C.V. Xdx2L Copper Tubes Insulation a) Treating the collector plate as a fin, write the energy balance for a typical infinitesimal control volume (c.v.) to derive a differential equation for the temperature distribution T(x) in the plate. For simplicity, define θ T-Te, and write the differential equation in terms of θ. Solve the differential equation and apply appropriate boundary conditions to determine the temperature profile b) Calculate and plot the temperature versus x for the following numerical values: q-650 W/m2 To-95 °C L-0.2 m h-5 W/mK kcollector-120 W/m.K t-3 mm T,-25°C

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