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Question F-2)- A typical section of a solar collector plate of thickness t between a pair of copper tubes is shown below. The collector plate receives solar radiation at a uniform rate of q. The temperature of the pipes at the point of contact to the collector maint The collector is also exposed to a moving air at a free stream temperature of T. with a convective heat transfer coefficient ofh Neglect any heat transfer in the direction perpendicular to the paper. AIR rad C. V, Copper Tubes Insulation a) Treating the collector plate as a fin, write the energy balance for a typical infinitesimal control volume (c.v.) to derive a differential equation for the temperature distrībution T(x) in the plate. For simplicity, define θ-- , and write the differential equation in terms of θ. Solve the differential equation and apply appropriate boundary conditions to determine the temperature profile. b) Calculate and plot the temperature versus x for the following numerical values 9-60 win T.-95 ℃ 1-02 m -3 mm h-5 WmKkolt 120 W/m K T-25°C


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