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Question F-3)- A thin plate of thickness t is extended between two walls that are at constant temperatures of Tsi and Tb2 shown in the figure below. Two different fluids, at free stream temperatures of T-l and T-2 are moving on the top and bottom of the plate with convective heat transfer coefficients of h and h.- bl 62 a) Write the energy balance for a typical infinitesimal control vohume (c.v.) to derive a differential equation for the temperature distribution T(x) in the plate. Solve the differential equation and apply appropriate boundary conditions to determine the temperature profile in terms of x.Tsl. T&z. L, t, T.Thi, h and kplas b) calculate the rate of heat transfer per unit depth (normal to the paper) from each wall to the fin and total rate of heat transfer to the fluids for the following numerical values: Thi 450 K, Ts 600 K L-0.2m t-3mm T-250 K T 20K h-8 W/m*K h-12 W/mK kplat-120 W/mK c) Calculate the fin efficiency for this plate if T-T-2. Ть,-T62 and hPk,-10 Wink

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