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Question F-4) Question 1- (25 Points): A new design for an electrical kettle used in the kitchens, has been suggested by a designer to implement the electrical heating element in the wall of the kettle as shown below. In this design, the kettles wall can be modeled by a wall assembly, where the material 2 represents the heating element by volumetric heat generation: 7n and is encapsulated between the interior coating (i.e. material 1) and the metal structure (i.e material 3). At the steady state conditions, if temperature is only function of x (T T(x) a) Drive the general solution for temperature profile in Material 2 (i.e. Heater) b) Define your boundary conditions for this specific case. c) Find the specific solution for temperature profile accordingly (Only for the heater). d) Find the rate of water evaporation per unit area of the wall as e) How much is the temperature at x = L2 + 13, (ie. the outer shell of the kettle). Area Secm2 K.m2 502 hg 2250 Latent heat of boiling) , L24 [mm], 1 mm kg TBoiling

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