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Question: question iii and iv thank you...

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A separately excited DC motor is rotated at 1000 rpm. The variation of armature terminal voltage as a function of field current is measured under no-load conditions and tabulated below: F0.0 0. 0.2 0.3 0.40. 0.6 0.70.8 VT 0 30 60 85 102 115 124 130 134 The field winding supply EA 24 V and the field resistance is adjustable. The armature winding resistance RA-0.2 and the armature terminal voltage V,-130 V

Calculate the field current if the motor is operated with no-load at 1000 rpm If the motor drives a load at 1200 rpm, calculate the armature voltage at 1200 rpm if the field resistance RF-60 Ω. li) i) Calculate the torque for the above conditions iv) The motor supplies a mechanical load of 4000 W at 1450 rpm. The mechanical rotational losses are 160 W, armature and field copper losses are 158 W and 241 W respectively. Calculate the efficiency
Question i,ii and iv. Thank you
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