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Question: question is 3 please draw by hand...

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3) (20%) Sketch the Nyquist plot for the following systems. a. G(s)01 1 0.2s+1 0.2s+1 0.2s+1 b. G(s) U(S 0.1s+1 0.01%+0.045+1, c· s(0.01% +0.04s+ 1), s(0.01s2+0.14s+1) :S(0012s +0.145+1) whosemen-loopfoder tassho 2s+10 ( 4) (30%) Consider the system G(s) whose open-loopBodeplotfis show as following. s(0.01s2 +0.14s+1)

Question is 3, please draw by hand.

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