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Question letter F please
Public Offering A Brazlian company called Netshoes completed its IPO on Apil 12. 2017 and isted on the NYSE. Laor Notshoes sold 8.250,000 shares of stock to primary market investors in a won derng at a price of $17 58, with an underwriting da ourt of B2% Soo dary market investors, however, were pay g only $18.47 per shire fo Net hoes 31 25S36 sh ares of stock tst ding b. Caloulate the dollar amount of the underwritng fee for Netshhoes second offering d. Calculate market capitalization for Netshoes outstanding stock prior to the follow-on issue IPO a. The total proceeds for Netshoes folow-on offering is $146036000 (Round to the noarest doilar) b. The dolar amount of the underwriting foe for Netshoes second offering is $0992170 (Round to the nearest dollar) EThe net proceeds for Notshoes second offering is $ 136042830 Round to the asoll) d. Netshoes market capitalization is $ 510997166 (Round to the nearest dola e. Netshoes follow-on underpricing is-63(Round to two decimal places) Explain the folowon underpricing sor Netshoe· (8eled best answer below.) O A. Nogative underpricing indicates OB. Negative underpricing indicates secondary C. Negative O D. Negative underpricing indicates primary Lecondary market investors are not witing to pay as much for naw shares as primany market investons wre for ewisting shares new shares market investors are not wiling to pay as much for existing shares as secondary market investors were for new shares y market investors are wiling to pay more for existing shanes than primary market investors were for new market investors were for underpricing indicates secondary market investors are not wilting to pay as much for existing shares as primary Click to select your answerls) 5
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