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g Personal income ption, h. Disposable personal income ports. 7.Lounchod Consider an economy that orce. lines. produces and consumes hot dogs and ham- burgers. In the following table are data for two different years. rt. 2010 2015 t year.Good Quantity Price Quantity Price 200 $2 250 $ Hot dogs llow- Hamburgers 200$3 500 $4 ost a. Using 2010 as the base year, compute the following statistics for each year: nominal GDP real GDP the implicit price deflator for GDP and a fixed-weight price index such as the CPI. b. By what percentage did prices rise between e data? nd the Web 2010 and 2015? Give the answer for each good and also for the two measures of the overall price level. Compare the answers given by the Laspeyres and Paasche price indexes Explain the difference Question number 7 a and b
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