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QUESTION SIX An Investor wants to put up an Industrial Plant for the manufacture of paper and its derivatives for both local and extermal market. The investor intends to establish the paper manufacturing mill in a relatively wet and forested upper part of Chinsali District in infrastructure and social amenitics in the region. In slopes Muchinga Province. Apart from the paper mill, the investor will also provide the view of the socio-economic and bio-physical environmental implications that may result due to the proposal, there has been public debate particularly on the loss of habitat/biodiversity and competition for scarce water resources in the region. Assuming your consultancy firm has won a contract to undertake Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study on this proposed project: (a) Discuss ten (10) logical steps in the ElA process that your study team is likely to follow in order to achieve the task assigned to you. Justify the formation of the interdisciplinary team for this EIA study (10 marks) (b) Who would you consider to be Key Stakeholders to participate in the ElA study (3 marks) process? Give reasons for your answer. (c) Statc at least four (4) issues which should form the scope of the EIA study. (4 marks) (d) When the EIS submitted by the proponent/investor is reviewed coupled with wide Briefly deseribe the dimensions of a decision letter pr consultations with stakeholder, ZEMA issues a decision letter. (3 marks

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