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East State College is a four-year undergraduate institution and its mission is to provide its students with the intellectual and moral preparation that enables them to lead meaningful and satisfying lives. In addition, the Board of Directors of East State College wants the school to be a center for excellence in education and research. The schools academic programs are divided into two divisions, the Business Division and the Arts and Sciences Division TABLE 1 East Coast Colleges Performance Measures Business rts and Sciences All dollar amounts are in thousands 2006 2005 2004 2006 1. Acceptances to offers 2. Applicants per slot 3. Budget per faculty member 4. Budget per student 80% $281 Emergency calls to campus security Freshman retention rate $27.20 $26.00 $25.00 $40.80$39.80 $40.30 17.94 87% 20.93 20.90 17.98 17.96 6. 89% 1% 8. Mean refereed publications 9. Mean starting salary 10. National ranking by other colleges 11. National test percentile 12. Placement of students 12.0 $80 S68 $47 10 $41 89% 10.28 5.85 77% Student per faculty member 14. Teaching evaluations 15. Total books published 10.34 10.31 5.81 9.33 5.76 5.41 5.34

East Coast Colleges Balance Scorecard How do we manage our resources wisely? Financial What must we excel at to achieve our goals How do we enhance our capacity to continue to improve? Internal Business Processes Learning and growth Mission, Vision, Strategy Customer How do we support our students?

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