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QUESTION1 A. Listed below are various costs that are found in several organizations: i. Flour and sugar used in a bakery. i. Depreciation of machinery in a furniture factory ili Axles used in producing lorry in a lorry plant v. Insurance for office building. Required: Classify the above costs in accordance with: a. Behaviour: Variable or fixed with respect to number of units sold. 4 marks) 4 marks) B. SedapAiskrimis a manufacturer of ice-creams such as Sedap Durian, Sedap Strawberry b. Function: Production, administrative or selling and distribution cost and Sedap Mangga. Below are the costs incurred by the company for September 2018 Cost Item Cassava Flour Sugar Other direct materials The Wages of production workers 30bags at RM50 per bag 180 bags of sugar at RM100 per bag RM11,100 RM1,500 per worker per month for 10 workers RM2,000 per month RM2,000 per month RM10,000 per month Supervisors salary Depreciation expense of machinery Administrative expenses Required Prepare a cost statement presenting the prime cost, total production cost and total cost for the month of September 2018 (12 marks) (Total: 20 marks) CONFIDENTIAL
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