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QUESTION1 After logging in to the system, determine if there is anyone else logged onto the system now. You would use what command? QUESTION 2 Given the output of the command Is -l match the fields of the output rxr-xr-x 1 fveglian faculty 524 Apr 13 1995 greeting A- What are the permissions. The Last Modification Date? The number of hard links Group owner Apr 13 1995 B.1 C-r-xr-xr-x D faculty QUESTION 3 What are the two ls command options that will list hidden files? 0 1 .-a and -b 2.-A and -a 3. -A and-h 4.-h and-HQUESTION 4 What keyboard key sequence will pause the screen while scrolling when viewing a long file or long output? 1. <stop> 2ctr-c 03. ctrl-s 4.ctrl-A QUESTION 5 Using the cal command, determine which day the date July 4, 2038 falls on What DAY does the date fall on? QUESTION 6 The file name log-file is an acceptable filename in UNIX/LINUX? It meets the naming conventions and includes acceptable characters. True FalseQUESTION 7 When you execute the command Is -i two columns of information are output to the screen. One is the filename. What is the other? It is a number 01 The file size in bytes. .The file size in kilobytes. O3.The i-node of the file. The number of links to the file. QUESTION 8 I have a file called whatami in my home directory. What UNIX command, that have we covered in the lecture notes, would you use to determine the type of file that it is? type file mode size QUESTION 9 The which command will tell you the path location of an executable file within the file system. The location of the Is command within the file system is /bin/ls. True FalseQUESTION 10 cd to my home directory. To do this, execute: cd fveglian Using the wc command, determine how many characters (bytes) there are in the file called manfile. Enter the number below. Words:0 Path: p

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