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Questions 1) What does HW equilibrium mean? 2) Can a population both be in HW equilibrium and not be in HW 3) Can a real population actual 4) In a population of 1,000 people, 90 have blue eyes. Brown eyes are equilibrium? Explain? ly ever be in HW equilibrium? If so, explain how? dominant over blue eyes. What percent of the population are carriers or blue eyes? 5) If 98 out of 200 individuals in a population express the recessive phenotyp e, how many people would be homozygous dominant? 6) I decide to do an experiment in which I release 666 mosquitoes into the classroom during class. In this group of mosquitoes, there are 24 mosquitoes with an unusual mutation that makes them bright purple and yellow (the so called Lakers mutation). These Laker mosquitoes are easy to spot so they all get swatted to death by students. The phenotype is conferred by a recessive allele. The remaining mosquitoes all mate and breed (in the stagnant water I have hidden in the classroom). The next generation of cute little baby mosquitoes totals 13,485. Assuming that the Laker allele is recessive, how many of these youngsters would express the Laker phenotype? 7) A colony of adult lab rats is variable for the length of their tail. They have been carefully bred so that the rats are all homozygous, some dominant, some recessive. Long tails are dominant to short tails. 25 have long tails and 75 have short tails. Calculate p and q for this population Someone decided that they should be liberated from their cages and let all of the rats out. They bred randomly. If 400 rat pups are born as a result, predict how many of the offspring had long tails and how many had short tails. 8)
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