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Questions 2,3,&4 please
Question 214 points] Using the fact thatー= Σχη derive a power series for Question 3 14 points Find a Taylor senes forf(x)--centered at-3 Enter your answer in terms of x and n. For example S (x-2 Worksheet Question 4 [4 points] Use Taylors Theorem to answer the following a) Find a petynomial approximation for x)-cos(x) centered at 0 accurate to within 0.0S for values of x in the interval [o,r] Your senes should not include more terms than are necessar 1 b) What is the actual bouns on the ero in your approximatien gien by Teilors Theoiem? Give your answer as a cecimal number accurate to st ieast 4 decimal places error :-i」
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