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Questions 4 & 5.
Choose any point along the east coast of the United States. Move the mouse cursor slowly across the ocean until you come to Europe or Africa. As you go, observe the elevation values and how they change across the width of the ocean basin. Is there a pattern to how the water depth changes as you move across ocean floor of different ages? Using Microsoft Words Draw feature, make a rough cross-section (i.e., elevational profile) sketch of the line traveled by your cursor, with America on the left and Europe or Africa on the right. Show the general topography of the ocean floor along your line, using the depth changes as a guide. 4. Note: your sketch doesnt need to be perfect or extremely detailed - drawing it shouldnt take longer than about ten minutes. Western edge of Eastern edge of Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean The divergent plate boundary running down the center of the Atlantic Ocean floor is called the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Label the Mid-Atlantic Ridge on your sketch and put arrows orn either side of it showing the direction of plate motion. Also, label the oldest and youngest regions of the ocean floor on your sketch. 5.
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