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Questions and answers are here, need solution process.3. a) For the circuit shown in Figure Q3 (a): i) Find the mathematical expression for the transient behaviour of the voltage 6 vc across the capacitor and the current ic when the switch is moved into position 1 at t- 0 s ii) Find the mathematical expression for the response of vc and ic if the switch 4 is moved into position 2 at t charging phase) τ (where τ is the circuit time constant of the iii) Plot the waveforms obtained in parts i) and ii) on the same time axis for the 4 voltage vc and the current ic using the defined polarity and current direction as shown in Figure Q3 (a) 4 mA Figure Q3 (a) b) What causes transient in electrical circuits and networks? Why is it important to 3 study the transient behaviour? Give some relevant examples to support your answer. c) With the aid of detailed diagrams and equations, derive the transfer (T) 3 parameters. Use the transfer parameters to model a simple ideal transformer circuit.Question 3 continued. d) A two-port system was tested by applying a voltage to port 1 and leaving port 2 5 open-circuited. The following values for the voltages/current were recorded: ν,-15 V, 1,-1 A, V,-10 V. Port 1 is now made open-circuited and a voltage is applied to port 2. The following values were recorded: V2 - 30 V, I2 -2 y 20 V. Design an equivalent three-component impedance circuit for this system arranged as a T network (i.e. find the values for the three impedances). A, Total 25Q3. a. 1. Vc- 20(1-e(80ms) V ic (2.5*103) e-(80ms) A. Vc 12.64e1(40ms) v ic 3.16*103e-(40ms) A.​​​​​​​

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