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airline, wtn aaverage g SWOT analysis SIA initially needed to carry out an analysis of its operating environment. The traditional business tool for doing this is a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). The strengths and weaknesses are factors internal to the SIAs key strength lies in the location of Singapore as an important crossroad of the w Singapore is a relatively small country which has been one of the economic success stories of the last 25 years. As with other South-East Asian economies Singapores success lies in the strong trading links that the country has developed in the global economy. As a former British colony which gained independence in 1965, it had to market its services globally to be successful In its early days the airline was much smaller than its rivals. This was a major internal weakness. SIA, as the national airline, was faced with an intensely competitive global market in which the big players like British Airways operated on many routes with large fleets of aircraft. Until recently many countries have restricted access to air routes and airports in order to protect their national airlines against foreign competition. Today all this is changing, as, along with many other areas of international trade, there is strong pressure to open up markets and allow greater competition However, in the early years SIA had to work very hard to secure the right of access to many important countries SOF7 90 OF 1706 WORDS :27 PM 1/23/2019
ompetitive edge-Word Glen FILE HOME IGRT DESGN PAGE LAVOUT REFERENCES MALAKS ENEw vEw There is a great opportunity for airlines to offer adder lue for their passengers. This is achieved through a host of additional extras that ma p the customer service package . SIA has been at the As the industry is so competitive, standards are continually improving forefront of developing new initiatives over the years including In the 1970s: first to offler free headsets, a choice of meals and free drinks in Economy class In 1991: first with satellite-based in-flight telephones In 1995 the introduction of Kris World, a state-ol-the-art in-flight entertainment and communications system across all three classes (First Class, Raffles Class and Economy Class) Raising the bar through training Initial training for SIA cabin crew lasts for three months. It is designed to support staff in learning to anticipate and meet the needs of all passengers, e.g. during the course trainees are encouraged to visit old peoples homes and to work with children while they are undergoing training. Other aspects of training include grooming and make-up, plus detailed Health and Safety Training The main emphasis is on top quality customer service and attention to detail. Language training is important and staff will be able to speak a number of international languag including English. Training encourages team spint and staff understand that they are ambassadors for Singapore. For many visitors SIA staff will be their first glimpse of Singapore, so it is vnital to create a positive impression By continually pushing up the level 928 PM dts
Developing a competitive edge-Word HOME INSERT DESIGN PAGE LAYOUT REFERENCES MAINGS REVIEW VIEW A IGlenn Developing competitive advantage Most recently SIA has developed some product innovations which gives it further competitive advantage Investment in leading-edge technology has seen SIA achieve an industry leadership position in the field of in-flight entertainment. With KrisWorld customers have access to 22 video channels, 12 audio channels, 10 popular video games, real-time news, information on popular SIA destinations and a personal in-seat telephone. WISEMEN is a major enhancement of KrisWorld being the first in-flight entertainment system to offer both video and audio on demand. SIA customers were the first to experience in-flight surround sound offered by Dolby Headphones. The revolutionary technology brings high quality cinema-style surround sound to in-flight film viewing in all three classes SIA has taken in-light dining to new heights with the formation of its International Culinary Panel tiCP) and the introduction of World Gourmet Cuisine Comprising eight world- renowněd chets including the UKs Gordon Ramsay- the ICP has created world-class enus for alr SIA flights including signature dishes exclusively for SIA Other members are Georges Blanec ot Erance, David Burke and Nancy Oakes of the USA Disiniat Savoece of Ausrals Yoshiniro Murata of -span, Saisht Avoia of India and Yeung Koon Yat of Hong Kong ome
Developing a competitive edge-Word OME INSERT DESIGN PAGE LAYOUT REFERENCES MAILINGS REVIEW VIEW A JGle Class (students can view the interiors of SIA planes by following a virtual tour on the Singapore Airlines website) Meeting the needs of different markets First Class passengers are able to enjoy individual compartments (Sky Suites) on 747 flights, providing a private space including sleeper beds. Cabins are fitted out in leather and burr wood to provide a luxury feel. All amenities and linen have been redesigned, mostly by Givenchy. To top it off, each individual compartment has a 14-inch personal video screen, specially produced for SIA, by Sharp of Japan Raffles Class passengers have new seats designed by the Swiss firm Ludeke Design, giving a generous recline and the longest business class seat pitch among major airlines offering three classes. The cabin colour scheme is blue and rose cloud with alternating seat fabrics to impart a touch of style and elegance SIAs leadership in Economy Class is underlined by KtisWorld -the most sophisticated range of video and audio entertainment Seats have been updated to provide more room and comfort. Passengers are able to enjoy World Gourmet Cuisine and even champagne Conclusion SIA provides an excellent example of contnuous improvement m.the face of exdensive global compettion. Staying ahead ot the Teld means that a company ean never a stand still. This case study has shown stand still This case study has shownthow SIA s ayaysscokng to inplove the service t provides to customers and fiows if s bonstanty stroing la inaiove cistomer servic 929 PM 1/27/2019
By steadily improving the quality of products by using the worlds best designers and chefs, SIA is able to create the synergistic benefits that stem from working with the best employees in the world. While passengers are invariably delighted with SIA, they can be sure that SIA is working to make their next flight even better. 1) What new initiatives did SA take to adapt to the market? 2) How did SA develop a competitive advantage? 3) Create a SWOT analysis for SA? 4) How did SA improve the training of their staff? 5) As a marketing manager, how would you prepare SA for the 21st century?
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