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Question: quick computer science questions answer all 4150 for positive rate...

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Quick computer science questions. Answer all 41-50 for positive rate.

41. T or F? Microcontrollers are typically complete computers used as the embedded intelligence of larger devices. 42. T or F? A single-processor server is just a more powerful single-processor personal computer. 43. T or F? Supercomputers have been largely replaced by clusters of mainframe computers. 44. T or F? Cache memory speeds every memory access. 45. Who is the oldest ancestor of the modern day Core i7 Intel microprocessor? A: 8008 B: 8086 C: 4004 D: 80486 E:Pentium 4 46. Fact Our text book states, Neither the 8088 nor the 8086 could address more than 1 megabyte of memory. How many bits did each processor use to address memory? A: 8 B: 16 C: 20 D: 32 E: 64 47. Fact An older edition of our text book stated, A Pentium 4 can run 8086 programs without modification. T or F? This is an example of backwards compatibility 48. T or F? The Intel Pentium microprocessor and the ARM machine both use CISC architecture. 49. Which one of the following microprocessor characteristics probably has the most to do with how much power the processor consumes and therefore how much heat must be dissipated? A: clock speed B: number of cores C: main memory capacity D: number of CPU registersE: size of cache 50. The AVR machine is a A: microprocessor B: main frame C: game controller D: microcontroller E: supercomputer

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