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Quiz # 3A Time Zones 1. In one hour the earth rotates through how many degrees of longitude? 2. The International Date Line is mostly located along which meridian of longitude? 3. If it is 10:00 pm EST in Miami, what time is it in Salt Lake City (MST)? 4. If it is 12:00 noon Monday Feb. 1 in Tokyo Japan what day is it in San Francisco? 5. and 6. If it is 11:00 pm Monday in Los Angeles, at 120 degrees West Longitude, what time and day is it in Warsaw, Poland at. 15 degrees East Longitude? (Show working). 7. - 10 A traveler leaves Houston,exas (Lat. 32 degrees north and Long. 90 degrees west) at 10:00 am on Monday, Dec. 31, and travels for 14 hours to Sydney, Australia (Lat. 38 degrees south and Long. 150 degrees east) What time, day and year would she arrive in Sydney, according to Sydney time? (Show working)
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