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R1 C1 Vo 179.355 0.1uF vi R2 C2 AC 1 316.759 0.1783uF .ac dec 10000 1 1MEG Using LTspice (linear.com)7 Figure 1. Passive Bandpass Filter (values give a center frequency of fo 5kHz and are for illustrative purposes only) Design this bandpass filter to meet the following specifications (exact values will be given in class), that is, select parameters R1, R2, C1, and C2.
Center frequency of fo . Quality factor of Q . Gain at center frequency T These equations will be useful during your work: R2C1 7p - If and then T, -Q and Note that The pre-lab must include the following (see note below): 1. Bode plots (magnitude and phase) for the response using your ideal component values (i.e. without regard to available values). Show that these results meet all of the specifications EXACTLY with zero error. 2. Bode plots (magnitude and phase) for the circuit response using available standard component values. Demonstrate that these values provide an acceptable level of performance. It is YOUR job to MEE choosing component values. You MUST use available resistor and capacitor values in your final design. Do not use electrolytic capacitors. T the specifications as closely as possible. This may require several iterations of
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