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Question: r1 r3 13 v3 vs r2 r4 fig p4 for...

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R1 R3 13 V3 Vs R2 R4 Fig. P4 For the circuit in Fig. P4, the NMOS transistors have Vt,-0.4 V, k,-10 mA/V2, and λ,-0, and the PMOS transistors have Vt,--0.5 V, k,-15 mAJV2, and λ,-0. R1-750 Ω, R,-450 Ω, R3 300 Ω, R,-500 Ω, and VDD-5 V. Analyze the circuit to determine the DC currents through all branches and find the DC voltages at all nodes. Result Summary: 13- Vi- их

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