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Read Chapter 1 in the text Write a calculator or computer program to find standard atmosphere conditions (pressure, temperature and density) for any altitude in the troposphere and stratosphere in both SI and English units. Turn in a listing of the program and a print- out for conditions every 1,000 meters (SI units) and every 1000 feet ( English units) up to 100,000 feet or 30,000 meters 1. A compressed air tank is fitted with a window of 150 mm diameter. A U-tube manometer using mercury as its operating fluid is connected between the tank and the atmosphere and reads 1.80 meters. What is the total load acting on the bolts securing the window? The relative density of mercury is 13.6. 2. On a certain day the sea level pressure and temperature are 101,500 N/m2 and 250C, respectively. The temperature is found to fall linearly with altitude to -550C at 11,300 meters and be constant above that altitude. 3. An aircraft with no instrument errors and with an altimeter calibrated to ISA specifications has an altimeter reading of 5000 meters. What is the actual altitude of the aircraft? What altitude would the altimeter show when the plane lands at sea level?

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