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Question: read the announcement by tesla nasdaq tsla below tesla announces...

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Read the announcement by Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) below:

Tesla Announces a Five-for-One Stock Split

GLOBE NEWSWIRE, Aug 11, 2020

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tesla, Inc. announced today that the Board of Directors has approved and declared a five-for-one split of Tesla’s common stock in the form of a stock dividend to make stock ownership more accessible to employees and investors. Each stockholder of record on August 21, 2020 will receive a dividend of four additional shares of common stock for each then-held share, to be distributed after close of trading on August 28, 2020. Trading will begin on a stock split-adjusted basis on August 31, 2020.

Which of the following statements is NOT correct? Compared to Friday 28th August 2020, on Monday 31st August 2020 Tesla’s:

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Your friends are talking about how property prices rose after the central bank lowered interest rates, while property rents and expected rental growth rates remained the same. Your friends have different explanations for why property prices rose. Whose explanation focuses on opportunity costs? Assume that all property market participants are rational investors. The opportunity cost argument for why property prices rose is that, as:

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Which of the following assets has no income return? Assume that all assets have positive required total returns, inflation is expected to be zero, and all debts will be fully repaid (no credit risk).

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