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Question: read the case 1st pic than answer the questions on...

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THINKING CRITICALLY Case 3-A: Establishing Plans The Mailing Place is a full-service with many clients in the home services industry. Companies direct-mail company requiring. Jill is supposed to come up with a plan to incorporate this work into her area ch as the Rug Doctor, House Maids, and Handyman Inc. use the Mailing Place to send out targeted direct-mail pieces ing from 5 p.m. to 4 a.m., four days a week. Each empl The night shift at the Mailing Place is currently work- to homes that typically use these types of services. Jill Akers needs about one week of on-the-job training to become ef started with the Mailing Place when she was a college stu ficient on all the machines and the PC programs. The labor dent and in four years has progressed to the position of cost is the major component of the Mailing Places ex evening supervisor. Her responsibilities include assembling penses, and controlling labor is a key to its success. The new the materials for an order; planning for labor to fold, stuff, line of work will start in about a month, and after three and run the PCs used to produce labels; and ensuring that months the new volume is expected to be equal to their orders have the proper postage. There are four full-time present level of work. Jills boss is hopeful that with the in- rkers in her area, and some large orders will require as creased volume the operation will become more productive. many as ten temporary positions. The Mailing Place is paid based on the number of pieces mailed and receives a sizable RESPONDING TO THE CASE bonus when their customers acquire new business. 1. List and describe the planning elements that Jill needs Jills boss has come to her and asked for her assistanceto consider in preparing for this new line of work. ith a new line of work for the company. The new work produce personalized mailings for mortgage and g companies in support of their call center opera- tions. The new clients will give the Mailing Place a listing the contacts made in a day. The Mailing Place will as 2. Describe two options for handling the staffing levels for this new line of work. What issues and complica- tions are likely to surface with the new amount of work for Jills department? - ble materials to be mailed within twenty-tour hours. 3. How would you suggest using schedules and budgets boss thinks the night shift should handle this work to ensure the type of rapid fulfillment the banks are in the planning process for the Mailing Place?

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Read the case (1st pic), than answer the questions on the 2nd pic only! Ignore questions that are by the case on 1st pic.

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